13 Thanksgiving Books | Your Kids Will Love + Activity Books Too

I’m not the one that buys books for this kids for every occasion am I? Their birthday (of course), St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, they lost a tooth, they tied their shoes, they started school, they didn’t destroy the house while I was in the shower…just to name a few “occasions.”

I mean, do I really need an excuse to buy my kids something so amazing as a book?

Thanksgiving Books For Kids

Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year to buy books. You’ll find serious books telling the story of the first Thanksgiving to hilarious books about turkeys disguising themselves so they won’t be eaten!

The kids helped me pick these 13 books and 5 activity books. I think that’s a hint that they want them!

Thankful, Greatful, Blessed

It’s Pie-Thirty

May Your Tummies Be Full

Give Thanks Always

Get Your Fat Pants Ready

Gobble ‘Til Ya Wobble

Do you buy books for every holiday or kid win too? I don’t think I’ll ever stop. We just love books that much. I am raising readers, ya know!






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