Suzy Snooze | The Ultimate Sleep Tool For Families + A Giveaway

Have you heard of Suzy Snooze? She is the ultimate sleep tool for families. A cute little smart nightlight/sleep soother/baby monitor in one! I was thrilled when Bleep Bleeps contacted me about Suzy Snooze and without any hesitation, I agreed to try it out – because triplets.


My triplets weren’t the best sleepers as babies. I can’t even explain to you how sleep deprived I was their first year. Let’s just say year one was a blur. As they grew into toddlerhood, they did get better about falling asleep and staying in bed. Then there was a regression. Now, at 6 they are pretty good sleepers.


The girls have become scared of everything…including the dark. They cry at bedtime (even though they share a room) and get up more times than I’d like to count. Since we introduced Suzy Snooze, all that has changed. Bedtime has never been smoother than it is now! The sound machine lulls them to sleep and the low energy LED night light helps to keep them snoozing all night long.

I also love that it tells my girls when it’s time to get up! They are notoriously early risers. In the morning, Suzy’s LED wake up light gently switches off as she raises her cute little hat letting my girls know that it’s okay for them to get out of bed.

I wish I had Suzy when the kiddos were babies because she is also a baby monitor. I love that you can check it from your smartphone and listen live in high definition audio!

Want a Suzy Snooze of your own?

Enter the giveaway below! (1) lucky reader will win a Suzy Snooze ($79.97 ARV) for their home. The Gleam Giveaway is hosted by Bleep Bleeps. They will monitor entries and contact the winner. Giveaway ends on March 25, 2019, and is open to US residents 16 years and older!

Win A Suzy Snooze Smart Nightlight, Sleep Soother & Baby Monitor #14

7 thoughts on “Suzy Snooze | The Ultimate Sleep Tool For Families + A Giveaway

  1. Sounds like a cool and useful little device! Our little guy was a horrible sleeper as a baby (super colic) but has actually been a pretty good sleeper as a toddler

  2. Boy were there times when my kids were young that I could have used a magic bullet like this! Technology has come so far since the early 1990s!

    ps = I really need that unicorn pig! LOL Love it!!

  3. This is awesome! I wish it had been around when my daughter was a baby! I will keep it in mind when purchasing baby gifts for sure!

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