My Babies Are Starting Kindergarten | And I Can’t Find the Words

My babies are starting Kindergarten soon.

For weeks I have been almost frantically searching for the right words to share on how I feel about their newest milestone.

Triplets starting Kindergarten soon!

The words never came.

I wanted to tell you how sad I am. How I can’t believe 5 1/2 years of their lives have already past. I wanted to remind you (and myself) that they started those sweet lives in the most difficult way – the NICU. How time just needs to slow down because it is making this mama’s heart ache like never before.

Preemie triplets

The words never came.

I wanted to tell you how happy I am! How I can’t believe they are starting Kindergarten!  I wanted you to know that the NICU was just a starting point for them – that they have thrived. How time has flown by, but looking into their future brings nothing but an enormously proud smile to my face.


The words never came.

So, I’d thought I’d share the words from fellow moms. Although I had no part in writing these thoughts, their words are my words too.


The Night Before Kindergarten

by Jill Speegle Windham

Oh, Momma. You’ll put your face next to hers and you’ll pray a prayer you’ve probably prayed before, but you’ll pray it from a place of desperation unlike your heart has ever felt and ask God to protect her. You’ll ask Him for His mercy where you failed her and ask Him for good friends to surround her. You’ll pray her teacher loves her well and loves her hard in your daily absence. You’ll pray for her heart to always be listening for His voice and for that precious heart to be protected from pain and rejection and heartache. You’ll pray for boys to be good to her and for girls to be kind to her and for her days to be filled with nothing but happiness.


Dear First Time Kindergarten Mom

by Jai Wallace Tracy

The night before the second day of school, we will go to bed a little earlier. We won’t move the backpack. But we will probably still wrestle with the questions. Won’t we always? Along this journey of motherhood, we will always question. Some of our what ifs will be realized. Others will be left unanswered. But all will be remembered. All will embraced. And we will enjoy it.


Dear Baby, Before You Head Off To Kindergarten

by Jessica Wolstenholm

Our great big world needs YOU and you are ready to make your mark on it. You, my sweet child, have wonderfully unique gifts that the world needs. Some of those gifts I’ve had the privilege of uncovering with you at home and there will be more to come as you enter a beautifully diverse community of teachers, students and knowledge. Don’t forget who you are but don’t be afraid to grow.


To The Mom About to Send Her Baby to Kindergarten

by Leah Campbell

And yet, here we are. She’s practically glowing with the anticipation of what’s to come, and I’m fighting the urge to hold her back and keep her in the protective bubble of my love for just a little longer.

Of course, I won’t. Of course, I’ll let her go. Because letting go is part of raising a happy, healthy, well-rounded child.


The Catch-22 of Kindergarten

by Holly Rust

On one hand, I want to be excited for my son. I want him to tackle obstacles on his own and to learn from others what I’m unable to teach him. I want him to be independent and have life experiences that don’t always include me – I really do. But on the other hand, I want him to need me forever. I want to keep him in this perpetual state of innocence. I want that look of pride to remain on his face when he hands me a picture he made me – just a little bit longer. I’m not ready to share him. I’m not ready to let him go. I don’t I think I’ll ever be.

Kindergarten triplets

I’m feeling all these feelings. How about you? Is sending your little one off to Kindergarten pulling on your heart strings? I’d love to hear how you’re coping in the comments!

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