How I’m Striving To Simplify My Home | Decluttering All the Things

I’m just gonna be honest here. I am a hoarder. But, wait. I am an overly organized hoarder. I keep everything and I mean every.single.thing.

Every single paper the kids have brought home from preschool and kindergarten – I have them. They are neatly organized in file folders…that are taking up space in our office. Clothes that I don’t fit in that I bought years ago – but someday I will. They are organized by type and color…in two closets in our home.

Wait. That was me.

Not anymore, friends. This year I am striving to simplify my home and my life. Seriously. We have soooo much stuff. The clutter, although neat, is taking over our home.

Kitchen countertops overflowing with stuff. Closets filled to the top with stuff. Gah. Don’t even get me started on our laundry room. It’s the catch-all of stuff. I’m getting rid of this stuff once and for all.

How I'm Striving to Simplify My Home

Wanna join me?

Since the beginning of the year, I have already de-cluttered the kitchen cabinets and countertops. I’ve given away so many clothes – mine and the kids. I’ve tossed toys. The kids haven’t even noticed.

I cannot tell you how much just getting rid of things has made me feel better. This is very cliche, but it’s like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

I’ve put together a room by room list of items that you can throw away, donate, or sell today without any regret!

Simplify and Declutter

The Kitchen

Pantry and Fridge

Get rid of canned goods, spices, and other foods that are outdated. Toss that, whatever it is, wrapped in foil in the freezer while you’re at it. How old is that? And donate those magnets you were collecting too, please.

Small Appliances

Donate what you never use or rarely use. You totally forgot about the hand blender, didn’t you?

Extra Dishes, Glasses, and Mugs

I am a firm believer that one can never have too many coffee mugs, but I have tossed several that I haven’t used in forever. And those mismatched plates and extra cups and glasses that looked over – donate them!

Food Storage Containers

Get the plasticware (and their lids if you can find them) under control, friends. Do you really need 10 of the same size containers?

Junk Drawer

Most people can get rid of half of what hides in our junk drawers. We usually don’t use that stuff anyway because we can’t find it!

Cleaning Supplies

Toss the old and consolidate containers those 3 bottles of window cleaner for Pete’s sake!


Get rid of dingy, torn dish towels and dish rags! So gross.

Dust catchers and anything broke or chipped

My kitchen (at one time) had a theme – pears. I had 4,237 pear dust catchers. They’re gone now. And I know how much you love that casserole dish, but it’s cracked and can’t be used anymore. Get rid of it.

The Family Room | Living Room

Dust Catchers

Get rid of things that only clutter and don’t add to the beauty or use of the room. That bird statue that you loved 3 years ago? What about that oversized blessed sign you just couldn’t do without? Get rid of them, friend!


Old baskets that you’re keeping “just in case”, extra vases, candles, old posters, and unused picture frames.

Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

Bedroom | Wardrobe


This list (for me at least) is humongous. Excess pajamas, old bras (yes, that one you’ve had since before the kids were born), anything stained or that has holes in it too. Clothes that are out of fashion, faded t-shirts, clothes unworn in a year, and other items you wouldn’t buy if you were shopping today.


Handbags not used in the last year, scarves you never wear, shoes you don’t wear often, socks without a mate, and too small swimsuits. Earrings without a mate, jewelry you haven’t worn in forever or just don’t like, old glasses and unflattering sunglasses.


Anything not used for sleeping or dressing. Don’t use your room as a catch-all!

Kids Rooms | Play Room


Items that no longer fit, are faded, stained or has holes in them. Outgrown socks (missing mates too) and shoes.


Unused baby powders and creams, duplicate baby supplies, outgrown diapers, and items no longer needed once the stage is over.


Things they no longer play with, Happy Meal toys and party bag toys, toys missing parts, and multiples. Stuffed animals, toys they’ve outgrown and games with missing pieces.

Arts and Crafts

Completed coloring books, broken chalk, crayons, dried out markers and puzzles with missing pieces.

simplify and declutter

Linen Closet | Laundry Room

Excess Items

Sheets (you don’t need 4-5 sets per bed), towels, unused table linens, pillows, and extra blankets.


Broken hangers, store hangers, and wire hangers. Clean out that “found this in the dryer” container too.



Old and expired makeup or haven’t used in the last 3 months, dried out bottles of nail polish and perfume you don’t wear. Curling irons that you never use and those hair dryer attachments too. What was that thing for again?


Duplicate grooming products, pretty much empty bottles of lotion (you’ll never get it out!), multiple bath products, hair products not used in the last 3 months, and duplicates of everyday supplies.

Excess Items

Sample bottles from hotels (or do THIS with them), dental floss, scented lotions, and kids bath toys. I know I’m a bad mom for that last one, but I despise bath toys.


Expired medicines and sunscreens, stretched out hair bands, old contact lens cases, old toothbrushes, moldy sponges, and loofahs.

Office | Library | Media


Those cords that you have no idea what they go to, old chargers, old phones, and tablets. DVD’s, VHS, and CDs. You don’t still use them, do you?


Out of date calendars, old planners, receipts, and bills (bank online!).

Office Supplies

Duplicates, dried up pens, excess paper clips and thumbtacks, and old notebooks. Anything that doesn’t work (scanner, printer, photocopier) that’s just collecting dust.

Books and Magazines

My husband will tell you that I am a magazine hoarder. Not anymore. I read them and then immediately toss them. I do not get rid of books, though. You can if you want to.

Kid’s Stuff

Artwork and school memorabilia. Cut the excess and do something like THIS to display their creations!


Old empty photo albums, packets of old negatives, travel brochures, and promotional goody bags. Old birthday and Christmas cards (keep those with meaningful messages), half-finished craft projects, board games you no longer play, and multiple decks of cards.

Garage | Attic | Basement

Duplicates, Old, and Excess

Donate duplicate tools and sporting gear. Toss old paint, near-empty spray cans, and unused gardening items. Sell outgrown bikes and outgrown outdoor toys, and camping gear that you used once and never will again and the same goes for that treadmill. Get rid of leftover building products (tiles), dried out glue, broken drill bits.

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So, I know I totally didn’t get every.single.thing on this list, but I think it’s pretty extensive. Come back soon for updates on me kicking clutter’s behind and more on my goal to live a minimalist life. I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to!

Simplify Decluttering All The Things

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