Happiest Mother’s Day in Heaven to My Mama + A Giveaway

Mother’s Day hasn’t been quite the same since my mom died 17 years ago. I could write a novel about the things I miss most about her.

Her laugh was contagious. Her smile was unbelievable. She smelled like Carmex in the winter and Banana Boat tanning oil in the summer. She was a fashionista in her own right – wearing super trendy jumpsuits in the 80’s to super ugly Christmas sweaters in the 90’s.

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She was my biggest cheerleader when I didn’t make the squad and my biggest fan when I finally did. She pushed me and praised me and promised me the best life she could possibly give.

She may have lost her fight with cancer, but she won in motherhood.

She was simply the best.

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There are days that I desperately need to feel her touch again. Her wholehearted hugs – the ones that made me feel so safe and secure – are what I long for on the days where nothing else can comfort me. Like today.

I miss her. I miss her. I miss her.

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We’ve missed out on so much together in the last 17 years, mom. I was (still am) so thankful that God gave me you.

I can’t wait to see you again. We have so much to talk about.






P.S. I cannot for the life of me remember shopping at Target with my mom. One thing I am sure of, though, is that shopping sprees there with her now would be a blast. She would go nuts buying things for her grandkids.

So, in honor of her (and Mother’s Day) and the hours of shopping, I imagine us doing together, I have partnered with some great mamas on Instagram to give away a $100 Target gift card! Check it out!

-G I V E A W A Y is now closed-

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