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I am very sentimental this time of the year. Christmas is over, the new year has begun, and my triplets will be a year older soon. It’s enough to put me over the sloppy, snotty, crying edge. Then add that I so miss my mom and I am a total basket case for the next few months.

So, because I am a fool, I decided to use the “I Am From” Poem template for my first blog post of 2019. I modified it a bit, but the sentiment is still the same…this is a reflection on my early life, my family and values.

I Am From Poem Fry, Party of FiveI’m closer to 40 than 30 and lived in 6 towns in 2 states. I grew up in my parent’s first home and their last. I’ve inhabited a dorm, an apartment, and a townhouse. I’ve lived in the quiet country and in the middle of a questionable part of town. I survived living with my Grandma, my sister and my in-laws. Today I live on Michigan Avenue. All of those places I called home, but this is where I am really from…

I am from the orange rocking chair where my mom used to sing me to sleep and the Smurf sheets where she would lay me to bed.

I am from Grandma’s biscuits and gravy and Grandpa’s tall tales, Sunday school with Grandma Shirley and terrorizing exploring Mulkeytown with Uncle Tony.

I am from Frieda, Molly, Julie, Sam, Coco, Scooter, Bobby, Coby and Harley, and Avery too.

I am from sleepovers with grade school friends and (years later) hangovers with them too.

The Fab 5 from Christopher, Illinois

I am from Scottish, Hungarian, and American Indian ancestry.

I am from pulling hair, biting, and scratching with Niki and then finally growing to be the best of friends.

I am from long school bus rides and even longer nights on the phone with best friends.

I am from Friday night football games and Saturday morning yard work.

Christopher Bearcat football cheerleading 1997

I am from hundreds of family photos kept nearby and hilarious home videos.

I am from family dinner at the table (almost) every night and green pancakes for breakfast.

I am from Christmas Eve appetizers and ham on Christmas Day.

I am from a past that keeps me awake some nights and a loving husband that keeps me in the present and looks forward to our future.

I am from chili with peanut butter and syrup sandwiches in the fall…and winter and spring and summer.

I am from birthday parties in the basement and bonfires in the yard.

7th birthday party 1987

I am from a heart so broken, I thought it would never heal and a heart so full of love I sometimes feel like it may explode.

I am from back road cruises and summers that seemed to last forever.

I am from Anna’s All-Star Gymnastics, cheerleading, volleyball, track, and just one summer of softball; dance lessons, tennis lessons, and swim lessons.

I am from a red, then pink, then purple, then black childhood bedroom.

I am from a house in the middle of nowhere that I hated, but would now give anything to be there.

I am from Charlie’s love of music and Patty’s laugh and infectious smile; their immeasurable love, integrity, and compassion.

mom and dad 1977

I feel like my life has started over more than once. That makes it difficult to remember my past; recollections are starting to fade. Sometimes I don’t know if my memories are dreams that I’ve had or if my history creates my dreams.

But these I keep close to my heart. Of all the people, places, and things that consume my life, they are what make me feel most at home.

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  1. I absolutely love this!! I appreciate all the beautiful details in this post. It’s those details who make us who we are today. And I think you’ve inspired me to try this myself. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us!!

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