How I’m Striving to Simplify My Life | Decluttering the Mind

In my journey to minimalism getting rid of the bad things in my life is just as important as the unwanted and unneeded things in my home. To me, decluttering everything from the things I own to the thoughts in my mind are what minimalism entails.

While minimalism is partly about the number of things I own it’s also about my willful thinking. Minimalism is about taking into account the purpose and worth something (possessions, ideas, people) brings into your life and then being conscious about what you choose to keep in your life.

Striving to Simplify My Life

Decluttering the Mind

Today I’m sharing five things I need to declutter that aren’t actual, physical things. They are five mindsets, five thoughts, five mentalities that I need to just plainly get rid of for the sake of my well-being.

one | goal weight

I’ve battled the scales long enough. Now, instead of focusing on a certain number, I am choosing to focus on feeling healthy. I can tell you that healthy living is easier when it’s about feeling good instead of wanting to desperately see a certain number on the scale.

two | gossip

I’m not usually the one to share gossip, but I (unfortunately) love hearing all about it. Or should I say loved? I am making a mindful attempt to ignore all gossip that I may overhear. It’s just so unkind.

three | perfection

I have stopped trying to be the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect woman. It’s not real, it’s unattainable and it’s not fun. It makes you and everyone around to miserable. It’s an illusion that is holding me and you back.

simplify my mind

four | regret over self-care

I know as a mom I feel 1,000% guilty about making time to take care of myself. I’ve stopped. Practicing self-care is vital. It builds a powerful foundation for everything we want to do in our lives – be a better mom and wife are it for me!

five | self-repressive ideas

For so long I believed I could never be in a relationship again let alone a marriage (I was divorced). Then I believed that I could never be a good enough mother to triplets or start a blog that people would read. I am finally realizing that I am capable of so much more than I thought.

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Are any of these mentalities holding you back from being the mother, wife, or woman you want to be? Don’t let them! Letting go is easier than you think!


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