How I’m Striving to Simplify | My Home and My Life

I know that a minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone. In my world, though, I have recently felt the urge to have less, to simplify. I am craving to spend less, to do less, and to just need less in my home and in my life.

So, where do I start on this path to minimalism? I have no idea. I’m just jumping in head first, friends. I don’t think I can become a minimalist overnight. The path to living a more simple, minimal lifestyle is sure to be complicated for someone (like me) that is a self-proclaimed “organized hoarder.” I can tell you that I won’t magically turn into a minimalist. It will take work, but I am ready to start my journey to live a simple life.

How I'm Striving to Simplify My Home and Life

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There is no correct way to be a minimalist.

I have my own definition of simple – not having what I don’t want or need so that I can focus on what I do want and need. What don’t I want? Clutter. What do I want? Cleanliness and more time. I want this in not just my home. I want to clean the clutter from my life too so that I am able to live a less stressed, less materialistic, less unhappy life.

Clutter in my home is making me unhappy.

Let me give you a little background on myself. Everything in my house has a place. All labels face outward. I like things to be the consistently the same, I fold towels the same way every single time, and loathe just the thought of variation. I am a self-diagnosed OCD cleaning, there are no dust bunnies under my refrigerator kind of girl.

And then I had kids.

After I was blessed with my children I had to suppress the desire to have my home (and even myself) immaculate every day. Those special feelings I once had for my mop were replaced with an undying love for my babies. And for a long while, I was satisfied.

Not anymore.


I’m setting goals to de-clutter my home like nobody’s business. The kitchen, the dining room, the living room, the office, the bathroom, and the guest bedroom will be stripped of everything we don’t need. Those 15 cups that the kids won’t drink from because they’re not the right color – gone. The 6 million McDonald’s toys that cover my living room floor – gone. The mismatched sheet sets that never get used because, well, they don’t match – gone.

And that’s just the downstairs.

I feel that if I de-clutter my home, my life will follow suit.

Stripping away as much stuff from my life will make it easier for me to achieve a more simple life and allow me to have more freedom. Well, as much freedom as I can as a stay at home mom of triplets.

Not only is clutter is making a mess of my life physically, but it’s also making a mess of me mentally.

I will admit that when I am overwhelmed and distracted (hmm...I wonder why that happens – triplets!) it’s not uncommon for me to set something down and just walk away. Honestly, I do have the best of intentions to later get that something and return it to its proper place, but most of the time that doesn’t happen. The result – clutter. Living with this disorganization worsens my already stressful life.


My hope is that by making sure that my home is organized, my anxiety will lessen and give me more peace of mind. It will give me more time to enjoy life instead of worrying about – you guessed it – clutter.

Of course, with triplets, there will always be a bit of chaos and disorganization. I’m not in complete denial. But instead of spending an hour picking up and organizing 1,209 toys, we can spend that time doing the things we love to do as a family.

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So, where am I starting on this journey to live simply? I’m beginning with my home with the Ultimate Productivity Bundle from Ultimate Bundles. Come back soon to find out exactly measures I am taking to simplify, minimalize, de-clutter and find peace of mind.


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