12 Terrific Halloween Costumes For Kids

When I found out I was having triplets, future Halloween costumes popped into my mind after the shock wore off. Groups costumes, of course, was all I could think about that fall. The babies were due in the spring, so I had plenty of time to think up costumes!

Their first Halloween, at 8 months old, they spent sick so we didn’t dress them up. They had the cutest matching onesies, though. Their second Halloween they were they were a spider, bee, and a ladybug.

Since then they have been adamant that they did not want to dress alike. A sad day for me because I had their, like, next 10 Halloween costumes planned out for them.

This year they are going to be Spiderman, a cute girly cheetah, and a donut fairy!

I’ll share pics on Instagram Halloween night!

Kids Halloween Costumes

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Oh my goodness! I just love babies in costumes. I mean, seriously, they are so stinkin’ cute, right?! If my kiddos were still small babes and didn’t have their own opinion on what costume they wanted to wear for Halloween I’d totally pick from these!


As I mentioned above, my girls have strong opinions now that they are 5 years old. This time of year, it’s Halloween costumes. I get very little say these days. Anything goes these days as long as it’s not expensive and/or too revealing. If I did have a say. I’d pick from these for them!


My son has less of an opinion but still doesn’t want to dress up as anything I choose for him. He usually consults his friends for major decisions like this! In the end, he always leans towards superheroes. Which is totally cool, but, I mean, how cute this that Michael Jackson costume!

What are you kids going to dress up as for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

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