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Embroidery Hoop Decor

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I am obsessed with embroidery hoop decor. While I was deciding how I would decorate the triplets nursery, I knew that hoops, hoops, and more hoops would be included. Of course, I didn’t (still don’t) know how to embroider, so I just put colorful matching fabric in the hoops and called them my masterpiece. They were far from it compared to the designs today.

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Now, more than 6 years later, embroidery hoop decor has come a long, long way, friends. I mean, have you seen some of the remarkable things people can do with these things? Actual embroidery/cross stitch will always be my favorite, but the wreaths crafters are making are phenomenal!

Take a look at some of my favorites below…

one | bees

Bee Embroidery Hoop Decor
photo credit: haley hamilton art

Among a million other things, I am also obsessed with bees. I’m not sure why, really. They’re cute, I guess? Until I figure of my reasoning, I’m just gonna stare at this creation from Haley Hamilton Art. It’s so bee-utiful!

two | springtime

embroidery hoop decor
photo credit: love and petals

This wreath from Love and Petals is amazing. It is perfect spring or summer and will make a great door or wall hanging in any room. My girls would love to have it in their bedroom. Well, at least Sadie would. She is my all pink all the time girly girl!

three | monogram

Embroidery Hoop Decor
photo credit: winston and windsor

I love anything monogrammed. This piece by Winston and Windsor is no exception. It is completely customizable to fit your individual style! I could definitely see this on the gallery wall in my soon to be newly renovated living room!

four | peonies

Embroidery Hoop Decor
photo credit: creations by joy belle

Spring may not be in the air today, but it’s on my mind almost every day. Creations by Joy Belle has designed this blue and purple peony wreath that screams S P R I N G! My Henley would love this one. These are her favorite colors!

five | plants

Embroidery Hoop Decor
photo credit: lemon made shop

This hand-stitched hoop from Lemon Made Shop is just the cutest! The potted plants are a plant lovers dream, right?! I am in awe of the detail in each of the 12 plants. I cannot imagine the time it takes to make something as intricate as this hoop!

six | nursery

Embroidery Hoop Wreath
photo credit: little sparrow co., llc.

If I were having another baby girl, this wreath would be the centerpiece of the nursery. It’s big and beautiful without being overwhelming. It’s minimalism at it’s finest. Great job, Little Sparrow Co., LLC.

seven | family

joanna gaines and family embroidery hoop decor
photo credit: stitch folks

Last, but not least. Seriously, my most favorite embroidery hoop decor to date. A custom family portrait. I freaking love this. I happen to freaking love the family that is shown on this hoop, but I would freaking love to have my family on one too! A+, Stitch Folks!

Do you love embroidery hoop decor too? Let me know in the comments? Do you make hoop decorations? Let me know in the comments too! I’d love to check out your creations!

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