Christmas Cookies | 15 Favorite Recipes You’ll Love

The holiday season is all about baking – for everyone else. I dream of spending a snowy winter’s day baking dozens upon dozens of yummy Christmas cookies. I have children that will want to help, though.

Bless their hearts, they have the best of intentions. But, I can see it now…fist fights, flour all over the place, tears in the cookie batter.

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Christmas Cookies

I am not kidding. My kids are too wild and I am too particular and don’t have anywhere near the patience I would need for all all day baking sesh with triplets. I’ll save that chaos for Nana and Papa.

So, until my perfect, Pinterest-y baking day comes, I’ll drool over these 15 A M A Z I N G (in both presentation and hopefully taste) Christmas cookies and beg my mother-in-law to make them for me.

Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie recipe? Let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new cookie ideas for someone else to make for me! Bawahahaha!

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