Easter Desserts

8 Egg-cellent Easter Desserts | Eat Dessert First

I love everything about Easter. Of course, the reason for the season is most important, but the food comes in second for me. Growing up we always had the same meal for Easter lunch – baked ham, some sort of potato, a veggie, deviled eggs…and dessert.…

striving to simplify my life

How I’m Striving to Simplify My Life | Decluttering the Mind

In my journey to minimalism getting rid of the bad things in my life is just as important as the unwanted and unneeded things in my home. To me, decluttering everything from the things I own to the thoughts in my mind are what minimalism entails.

While minimalism is partly about the number of things I own it’s also about my willful thinking. Minimalism is about taking into account the purpose and worth something (possessions, ideas, people) brings into your life and then being conscious about what you choose to keep in your life.

Lovely Valentine Quotes For Your Letter Board

11 Lovely Valentine Quotes for Your Letter Board

Oh, Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air. So is the flu. Wash your hands. This is one of my favorite quotes ever. So much in fact that I am totally thinking about putting it on my letter board. Just thinking about it… Honestly, I probably will…