Birthday Interviews | 20 Creative Questions With Almost 6-Year-Old Triplets

It’s that time of year again – when I become that Pinterest-y mom (for one day) and interview my kiddos for their birthday. How did we ever live without Pinterest and their endless ideas?

Jase, Henley, and Sadie will be 6 soon. Seriously. Six. I can’t believe it either, friends. Five was a big year…starting Kindergarten, gaining even more independence, and learning new ways to drive mommy crazy.

I can’t wait to see what year 6 brings them!

Birthday Interview Questions for Kids

one | What makes you ridiculously happy?

Jase: Your hugs!

Henley: When you hug me!

Sadie: You do! (I love all of these answers!)

two | What is your favorite book?

Jase: Creepy Carrots

Henley: Charlie the Ranch Dog: Charlie Goes to the Doctor (a super new fav!)

Sadie: The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday

three | What is your favorite dessert?

Jase: pumpkin pie

Henley: chocolate icing brownie (me too!)

Sadie: cupcakes

four | What is your favorite food?

Jase: Pizza, of course! (I totally knew that!)

Henley: Franch Fries

Sadie: Mac + Cheese

five | What do you want to be when you grow up?

Jase: A police officer

Henley: A vet!

Sadie: A ballerina/police officer (Hmm…interesting)

six | What is something that you are good at?

Jase: Baseball

Henley: Cartwheels (You totally are!)

Sadie: Singing and dancing!

seven | Where do you want to go on vacation?

Jase: Gulf Shores

Henley: Mommy’s house south (aka the condo we rent in Gulf Shores, Alabama)

Sadie: Alabama

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eight | If you had $1000 what would you buy?

Jase: A new bedroom (What? I thought he loved his room!)

Henley: So many toys…

Sadie: Lol’s

nine | What veggie do you hate?

Jase: Tomatoes

Henley: Tomatoes

Sadie: Broccoli (It’s sooo good, Bug!)

ten | If you could wish for anything, what would you wish?

Jase: My sisters to stop whining! (Oh my…me too!)

Henley: Another dog. I love dogs.

Sadie: A pet bunny.

eleven | What is your favorite animal?

Jase: A Tiger.

Henley: A Husky. No, a cheetah. No, a jaguar. I just like all animals. (So, do I Henny!)

Sadie: Cats!

twelve | What is your favorite thing about school?

Jase: PE (It was my least fav!)

Henley: Recess

Sadie: Heggerty

thirteen | Who is your best friend?

Jase: Conrad and Trent

Henley: Kimmy, Renlee, Brayleigh, and Aveline (so many new friends this year!)

Sadie: Emma and Everly

fourteen | What does daddy do best?

Jase: Sell tractors (love your video with daddy!)

Henley: Build tractors

Sadie: Build things

fifteen | What does mommy do best?

Jase: Snuggle me!

Henley: Laundry

Sadie: Take pictures (Thank you!)

sixteen | What is something you’re afraid of?

Jase: Snakes (I’m so scared of them too!)

Henley: Spiders

Sadie: Spiders

seventeen | What do you think your brother/sister will be when they grow up?

Jase: Henley will be a vet for sure!

Henley: Sadie wants to be a ballerina/firefighter!

Sadie: Jase could be an astronaut! (I’m not too sure about that! He’s scared of heights!)

eighteen | Where do you want to live when you grow up?

Jase: Terre Haute!

Henley: I want to be your neighbor! (Sounds like an amazing idea!)

Sadie: Behind mommy and daddy!

nineteen | What do you like to do on Family Fun Night?

Jase: Go bowling!

Henley: Go to the movies!

Sadie: Play games! (As long as no one cheats!)

twenty | What is something you want to do before your next birthday?

Jase: Make slime… (Nope.)

Henley: Sculpt something with clay.

Sadie: A cartwheel.

In 2 short weeks, my babes will be 6 years old! How quickly time flies when you’re having so much fun. Or when you have triplets that make you contemplate your sanity on a daily basis.

For the 31,759th time, I will say – I wouldn’t change a thing. We are blessed beyond belief!

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