20 Harry Potter Christmas Gifts On My Kid’s Wish List

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Harry Potter Gift Guide

My kids are obsessed with Harry Potter. It happened all of a sudden, really. One day they asked to watch the first movie and that was it. Fans for life, I imagine.

And why wouldn’t they be? I mean, even for me, HP is magically fantastic. 

In the last few months we have watched all 8 movies together. The triplets dressed up as Harry, Hermione, and Luna Lovegood for Halloween. Jase has even started reading the books!

It’s Hogwarts this and Dumbledore that. It’s Expecto Patronum, Expelliarmus, and Wingardium Leviosa all day every day here.

So, it was a no brainer that their Christmas lists would include Harry Potter goodies! Check our some of their most loved items below!



Boys Harry Potter Houses Graphic Hoodie // Girls Wrap Dress // Harry Potter Intarsia Sweater // Hogwarts Gold Crest’ Raglan Nightgown // Back To Hogwarts T-Shirt // Platform 9 3/4 Striped Knit Beanie // Clue Harry Potter Board Game // Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle // Harry Potter& Hogwarts 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle // Ollivander Wand Shop and Scribbulus 3D Puzzle // Hogwarts Christmas Pop-Up Book // LEGO® Harry Potter The Knight Bus // Hidden Hogwarts Scratch Magic Book // Always Square Throw Pillow // Hogwarts Crest Twin/Full Reversible Comforter Set // Be Right Back Backpack // Harry Potter Doll // 20oz Plastic Tritan Water Bottle // Hedwig 20 oz. Sculpted Mug // Harry Potter Books 17 Hardcover Boxed Set by J.K. Rowling



We so love Harry Potter that I even got the kids a small tree to decorate with HP ornaments. They’re so creative that they plan on using their costume ties as ribbon around the tree, Harry and Luna’s glasses as extra decoration, and Hermione’s robe as a tree skirt! 


Are your kiddos fans of Harry Potter too? Let me know in the comments who their favorite characters are!

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