28 Flawless Fall Recipes You’ll Want to Make All Season Long

Summer is officially over and my love-love-absolutely love relationship with fall has finally begun again.

I adore fall. It is simply the prettiest, coziest, and most fashion-forgiving time of year for chubby girls like me! You can pull out all those pretty sweaters that you’ve been dying to wear.  Pumpkin spice everything.

And last, but not least, you can make all the soups you’ve pinned all summer!


Fall is definitely the season for food – scrumptious soups, marvelous meals – all the comfort you’ll need all season long!

Scroll through these 28 flawless fall recipes and I guarantee you’ll find something you just have to try!


Fall Recipes
Photo Credit: The Mommy Mix

I love breakfast. Although cereal is usually my go-to on busy mornings, these four recipes are on my list for slow Saturday mornings this fall. My dad used to make baked apples in the microwave for my sister and me when we were younger. I’m especially excited to try the Instant Pot version.


Fall Recipes
Photo Credit: Cooking on the Front Burner

Appetizers are meant to be shared. I’m not sure I’d want to share these amazing mini meals, though. Goat cheese is my spirit animal. Hummus soothes my soul. Bacon is life and spinach is so satisfying.


Fall Recipes
Photo Credit: The Organic Kitchen

If you’re anything like me then you pinned yummy soups all summer. I know I’m crazy. When the weather was at its hottest, I was saving even hotter soups to my Pinterest boards. These four I am trying first.


Fall Recipes
Photo Credit: The Forked Spoon

I so need to start eating more salads. These four look so good, right?! I love fruits in salads and Feta is my favorite and I’ve never met a squash I didn’t like! Which of these lovelies shall I make first?

Side Dishes

Fall Recipes Photo Credit: Calm Eats

How delicious do these sweet potatoes, kale, and onions look?! Seriously. All of these recipes are making me hungry! I just love fall vegetables. Pumpkin, carrots, brussels sprouts, squash, sweet potatoes, radishes, kale…

Main Dishes

Fall Recipes
Photo Credit: The Anthony Kitchen

There’s almost nothing more I love in the fall than a perfect pork chop. Okay. So, maybe I like a perfect pot roast too. And spaghetti squash and pasta. Heck, there’s pretty much nothing I don’t love.


Fall Recipes
Photo Credit: Taste and See

Finally, desserts. I have a huge sweet tooth and these treats are calling my name. Anything with cream cheese and caramel helps satisfy my cravings. And pears and apples are really the best fruits for an autumn dessert.

What are your favorite fall recipes? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. What a fabulous round-up Angela! Thanks so much for sharing my Sweet Potato Soup! There are a ton of great options here for our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend <3

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