11 Things I’ve Learned Since My Triplets Started Kindergarten

My triplets started Kindergarten this year. I dreaded the thought of them being without me for 7 hours a day. By the beginning of August, though, I couldn’t wait for the break!

In the 9 weeks since their school journey began they have learned so much – how to read, how to become more independent, how to misuse the school nurse, etc.

They’re not the only ones gaining new knowledge this year. I have learned an abundance of fresh information too – about them and myself!

Started Kindergarten

one | i hate packing lunches

I always thought I would love this. I pictured myself to be that Pinterest-y, make sandwiches into shapes kind of mom. Nope. Not me. I loathe the thought of packing another freakin’ lunch. I can’t wait until they can do it themselves.

two | good thing jase will eat anything

When I tell the kids what they’ll be having for lunch at school, Jase is the most likely to say “I’ll try it, mom.” BBQ rib sandwich. Gag! Turkey Manhattan. Puke! And whatever a savory cube is – he’ll try it.

three | the kids hate homework

Unless coloring is involved, there are usually tears. Already. From them and me. I cannot imagine what math homework is gonna look like in the next few years.

Started Kindergarten

four | i’m so glad i put them in different classes

One of the hardest decisions I have made since becoming a triplet mom is deciding whether to keep them together or split them up for Kindergarten. I cannot even begin to tell you how independent they have become since they’re not spending every waking moment together. It’s so fun to watch them grow separately.

five | having them in different classes sucks too

Different teachers. Different teaching styles. Different homework. Sometimes it’s too much for me to keep up with and keep organized. I imagined a lot more organization on my part.

six | the drop off/pickup isn’t scary

It’s not like this at all. Maybe because we live in a small town. Or maybe I just don’t notice it. The pickup line can get awfully long, but that’s my biggest complaint so far.

seven | henley is meticulous

Recently, at her parent/teacher conference her teacher told us that she is very detailed and particular when it comes to classroom work. Sometimes to the point that it takes her too long to complete the assignment. She gets that from me.

eight | sadie is messy

Seriously. This girl. Instead of neatly placing her papers in her folder, she just shoves them in there. Many times she just bypasses the folder altogether and just crumples them in her backpack. This drives me insane.

nine | so many papers

The typical school year has an average of 177.5 days. The kids bring home at least 5 papers a day. So, if my math is correct, by the end of the year we will have accumulated around 2,662 coloring pages, name tracing pages, math pages, and crafts. And I don’t have the heart to get rid of any of it!

ten | more friends for them (and me)!

Fifteen kiddos went to preschool together for 2 years and grew very close. They’re still best buds and have added so many cute little friends to their already huge entourage. In that time I grew close with many of their mothers. And since Kindergarten started (and joining the booster club) I have added a few more! Yay me!

eleven | so far so good

As I mentioned above – we’re 9 weeks in and everything is a-okay. Jase and Henley have a couple sick days and a library book or two hasn’t been returned in time. Other than that they are doing amazingly well without me all day. And I am doing amazingly well without them.

Is there anything you have learned since your kiddos started school? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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