Fry, Party of Five’s 10 Most Marvelous Microblogs

After The Triplet Farm ended I still had so much to share. So, I started microblogging on Facebook. Ever heard of them? Microblogs, that is. It’s basically blogging without having a traditional blog. It’s sharing short posts or blurbs, as I like to call them, on social media.

When I stopped blogging at The Triplet Farm last summer I didn’t completely stop writing. It is my passion after all – it’s who I am. If you could look deep into my soul I imagine you would see nothing but words – lovely, beautiful, meaningful words.


I loved this outlet. I still do! And I plan on continuing to share my little blurbs on Facebook! I hope you’ll check them out!

In the meantime…here are 10 of my most marvelous microblogs.

I Don’t Need You

The Pooping Chicken

Paw Patrol Panties

Little Boy Pee

Diaper Bag

Foster Baby


The Dishes

Mean Face


Can you relate to any of these? As a mom? As a woman? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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